About Courses:

Aristocrat Training Solutions offers embedded course with project oriented training which is primarily designed for students who have basic knowledge of electronics and computer science and wish to integrate the two and make a career in the thus newly emerged field called Embedded Systems. The embedded course covers in detail various concepts of embedded system such as 8-bit and 32-bit Micro-controller Architecture and Programming, Operating System Fundamentals, Real Time Operating Systems, hardware and software design architecture, system control design and relevant concepts. It is an industry oriented course which wills students to turn into Embedded Professionals.

Topics to be covered:

Introduction to Embedded Systems

  • Introduction to Embedded Systems
  • Overview of Operating Systems, Review of Programming Concepts
  • Concepts of Real Time Operating Systems, Linux OS, RT Linux and other RTOSes
  • Overview on Embedded H/w & S/w Concepts
  • Features of ARM Processors
  • Review on PSOC
  • DSP Processors
  • Applications of Embedded and DSP processors
  • Embedded System Design & Product Life cycle aspects
  • Overview of DevKit8000
  • OMAP3530 (CortexA8) applications processor overview
  • Overview of Embedded Linux development
  • Usage of Cross Compiler
  • Porting of Wince & Android on SD card
  • DSP/Bios overview
  • Demo of various modules with Dev Kit8000

    Key features

  • Job focus: Embedded system fresher training aimed for jobs in top companies
  • Practical approach: 70% of the time you will spend doing hands-on programming
  • Real-time Projects: Work on real-time industry standard projects
  • Live hardware: Embedded programming in real hardware
  • Best-in class mentors: With minimum 10 year experience
  • Industry seminar: Interact with senior professionals, learn what industry wants
  • Course-ware: Quality materials, in sync with industry needs
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