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MATLAB could be a powerful mathematical computer code package for computation and visualisation utilized by thousands of engineers and scientists in each world and industry. quite simply a programing language, MATLAB coaching provides many pre-written algorithms to resolve nearly any task: from easy calculations to complicated simulations.

The Course aims at introducing and facilitate the e budding engineers learning MATLAB, in order that they're aware of the computer code and can use it effectively and with efficiency for simulating analyzing and determination advanced technical issues statement .Over all the course aims to assist the scholars to become a talented and economical MATLAB user, and apply their knowledge successfully in Industrial and R& D setting.

MATLAB Syllabus - Digital Image processing

  • Introduction to MATLAB
  • Vectors and Matrices
  • Loops
  • Fundamentals of Image processing
  • Image properties
  • Color image fundamentals
  • Introduction to Fourier Transform and DFT
  • Image Filtering
  • Image segmentation
  • Image Enhancement, Sharpening, Smoothing
  • Image restoration
  • Image compression models
  • Machine Vision & MATLAB
  • Introduction to MATLAB
  • Fundamentals of image processing

    Introduction to Machine Vision

  • Image acquisition
  • Frame Grabber
  • Image storage
  • Data reduction
  • Edge detection
  • Segmentation
  • Object Recognition
  • Visual serving and Navigation
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