Aristocrat Training Solutions provides SPSS and Data Analysis Training for MBA Students and Management PhD Research Scholars. The training is developed in consultation with some of most respected names in the area of research and use of SPSS. Our course is structured with simulations and exercises to help you build the expertise while learning. The training for SPSS includes basics of research methodology and statistics. The course is aimed at everyone who intends to undertake research.

Who Should Attend

MBA Graduates, Lectures, Assistance Professors, Research Scholars and Recommended for those who require knowledge on SPSS.

Course Syllabus

General Concepts

  • The Data Analysis Process
  • Surveys vs Experiments
  • SPSS Window Types: Data, Output, Syntax
  • SPSS File Types: Data, Output

    Setting up Data

  • The "case" concept
  • Choosing the right Measure
  • Creating Variables and choosing the right type
  • Variable and Value Labels
  • Calculating new variables
  • Variable Recode
  • Importing data from other programs (i.e. Excel)

    Getting Results

  • Frequency Tables
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Cross tabulations
  • Charts: Frequency, Cluster, Stacked, Value Bar Charts
  • Simple Statistics on Groups: Computing Mean, Standard Deviation

    Communicating Results

  • Modifying Output Tables and Charts
  • Using Chart Templates
  • Using Table “Looks”
  • Including output in other applications (i.e. Word)

    Data Management

  • Getting data from other sources
  • Dealing with missing values
  • Selecting Cases
  • Using Sets
  • The "Visual Bander"
  • Splitting files
  • Aggregated files
  • Dealing with multiple response questions
  • Data restructuring
  • Working with dates, times and durations
  • Merging files

    Statistical Basics

  • Introduction to statistical analysis
  • Choosing the right Analysis
  • Describing categorical data
  • Exploratory data analysis: scale data
  • Probability and inferential statistics
  • Comparing categorical variables
  • Mean differences between groups: T-Tests
  • Bivariate plots and correlations: scale variables
  • A look into many of the Statistical tests
  • Introduction to regression
  • Data checking
  • Introduction to multiple regressions

    Working with Further Results

  • Introduction to SPSS Syntax
  • The concept of significance
  • Using chi-square

    Benefits / Methodology

    The program is developed in consultation with some of most respected names in the area of research and use of SPSS.

    SPSS has been proven for its intelligence and user friendly nature in various fields including the following:

  • Social Sciences
  • Market Research
  • Management Education
  • Research and Paper Writing
  • Medical Data analysis
  • Bio Statistics SPSS is extensively used for data analysis where other data analysis is troublesome or require more time and effort. However, there is dearth of people who can use SPSS with all its features.
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